Palazzo Belmonte

A taste of Southern Italy

A week of relaxation and cooking demonstration

A seven night stay to Campania in Southern Italy including three excursions, four cooking lessons and two yoga classes which we are offering from 11th May to 18th May 2014.

This little known corner of Magna Graecia offers some marvelous sightseeing.

Your host for the week will be Prince Angelo di Belmonte at his magnificent Residence Palazzo Belmonte. Our week will include three cultural trips, a yoga lessons on the terrace facing the sea with Capri rising in the distance, and four cooking lessons based on the famous Mediterranean Diet, with the use of local organic production from the Licosa Estate.

Please Download a copy of the Itinerary.

However, should you like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Palazzo Belmonte Hotel Palazzo Belmonte Hotel Palazzo Belmonte Hotel

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